What is Institutional Abuse?

Behind the seemingly secure walls of nursing homes, orphanages, and boarding schools, a sinister reality can lurk in the shadows. Institutional abuse, a broad term encompassing any act of neglect or mistreatment that occurs within an institution entrusted with a person’s care, is a pervasive issue that strips victims of their dignity, safety, and, in … Read more

When Bias Leads to Harm: How Discrimination in Healthcare Fuels Medical Malpractice

The ideal healthcare system serves all individuals equally, providing quality care regardless of social factors. However, reality paints a different picture. Discrimination in healthcare, particularly based on race, remains a persistent issue with potentially devastating consequences. Read on as we explore the various ways in which racism in healthcare can lead to medical malpractice and … Read more

How Long Does a Car Accident Case Take to Settle in PA?

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Understanding Underage Driving Laws in Pennsylvania: Navigating The Road

Like many states, Pennsylvania has implemented a graduated driver’s licensing (GDL) system to ease young drivers into the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle. This system involves several stages, each with specific restrictions to promote safe driving habits and reduce the risk of accidents. Understanding these laws is crucial for both young drivers and their … Read more

Surgery Gone Wrong: What Is Wrong-Site Surgery?

Despite immense advancements in modern medicine, surgeries continue to carry some inherent risks. Among them is wrong-site surgery. It is one of the most concerning and, fortunately, incredibly rare risks out there. According to researchers, wrong site surgery is a broad term encompassing surgery performed on the incorrect body part, the wrong side of the … Read more

Do You Need a License for a Scooter in PA and NJ?

Scooters have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation in recent years, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, navigating the legal requirements for operating a scooter can be confusing, especially when crossing state lines. This article will explore the electric scooter laws and licensing and registration regulations … Read more

Texting and Driving: Distracted Driving Laws in Pennsylvania

Distracted driving is a major threat to the health, safety, and welfare of Americans from all walks of life. It not only puts the vehicle’s driver and their passengers at risk but also compromises the safety of other drivers, their passengers, pedestrians, and anyone else on the road. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety … Read more