Products Liability

A product that you have purchased or used may not always work or function the way you anticipate and may cause you injuries from various product defects. Pennsylvania holds manufacturers strictly liable for these injuries caused by their products. In order to have a claim against a manufacturer of a product, a plaintiff must show: (1) that a product was defective; (2) that the defect was the cause of his or her injuries; and (3) that the defect existed at the time the product left the manufacturer or seller of the product. There are three different ways that a product can be defective:

  • - The product had a manufacturing defect: When a product or a component of a product unexpectantly breaks down.
  • - The product had a design defect: The product was designed in a way which makes it unreasonably dangerous, and these dangers outweigh any benefits the design of the product gives.
  • - Failure or inadequacy of the warnings on a product: When a manufacturer of a product fails to warn about a known risk or danger of the product.

This liability not only applies to manufacturers of a product, but can also extend to a retailer or wholesaler of a product. These defects can occur in everyday household products such as home electronics, furniture, toys and medicines as well as larger manufacturing products such as cranes, lift equipment, industrial equipment, as well as medical and pharmaceutical devices.

Injuries from defective products can be catastrophic and life altering. The Thistle Law Firm has successfully represented these types of cases in the past and urge you to call us to begin pursuing your claim now.