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Medical devices have revolutionized modern medicine and healthcare. The spectrum of available medical devices seems nearly endless — from pacemakers and heart valves, to hip implants and various meshes. This technology is not without failure, however. Sadly medical devices fail due to poor quality, negligence during manufacturing, and malfunction during medical use. Despite the best efforts of the FDA to identify and recall problematic devices, injuries, pain, or even death may occur as a consequence.

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The Costs of a Defective Medical Device

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Surgical Procedures

It is quite common for defective medical devices to require surgery in order to correct. This is a timely, invasive, and often painful process. Surgery usually involves a rehabilitory element which can further cost you or your family. Thistle Law will fight for surgery settlements and compensation.

Prescription Prices

Prescription drugs costs are always rising, even for the well-insured. Like surgery, additional medication use may result from defective medical device complications. If you or a loved one are using new medications due to defective medical devices, Thistle Law may be able to win you prescription-related compensation.

Replacing or correcting your medical device after a defect is certainly not easy financially or physically. Medical device manufacturers who are negligent need to be held accountable so that you can be fairly compensated for any one of a number of costs, and set a precedent that will hold future negligence accountable. Let’s explore some of the various

General Medical Costs

In the United States today, medical costs are the leading cause for families to go bankrupt. Defective medical devices can add a slew of new expenses to your situation. Faulty devices may create unforeseen side effects that require additional treatment and care. Often times, the initial medical costs are not the only source for drained expenses.


Missed Work & Lost Wages

Defective medical devices, their correction, and recovery may spell a long period of time away from work. It is not uncommon for victims to be rendered permanently unable to work. This loss of work and wages compounds financial burdens already present in the course of a defective medical device. Thistle can advocate for you, and fight for your settlement to include compensation for lost wages or time off work.

Chronic or Acute Pain

An entire plethora of pain-related issues can stem from defective medical devices and the corrective procedures required to correct them. This does not simply count for physical pain, but for mental distress as well. Thistle can help you by factoring in this element when fighting for your case. It is not enough for us to simply hold responsible parties accountable — we want you to live the best, pain-free life you can after your settlement.


The worst case scenario for any family or loved one in a defective medical device case is an instance of death. This outcome is the most devastating, and often the most difficult for families to navigate legally and financially. If your loved one has died due to negligence or manufacturer defects, Thistle Law will fight for you to be as well-compensated as possible so you and your family can settle with dignity and closure.
If you are burdened by the various physical, financial, and mental costs of a defective medical device, contact Thistle Law immediately.

Common Defective Medical Devices and Causes

  • Heart valves
  • Replacement joints
  • Insulin pumps
  • Implants
  • Various mesh devices
  • Improperly sterilized or contaminated devices
  • Complications resulting from improper manufacture
  • Poor design and negligence


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