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A sudden death is always a tragedy and gets investigated as such. Unfortunately, when deaths occur at nursing homes, they don’t always get the attention they should because they residents at nursing homes are often already elderly or frail. However, it’s entirely too common for deaths and nursing homes to be wrongful death cases, caused by the improper actions of those caring for them.

Residents at nursing homes are too often forgotten, but their lives are still valuable and deserve to be protected. When someone loses their life because of a nursing home’s negligence, their families suffer as well. They lose the time they should have had together and suffer unnecessary emotional pain. Someone needs to be held responsible for these injustices.

While no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one. There are malpractice that exist to hold nursing home facilities responsible and provide compensation to families who have lost a loved one because of medical negligence. Thistle Law has handled many such cases, and will fight to get families what they deserve.

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Your elderly loved one deserves respect and the highest level of care. Nursing home arrangements for your cherished parent or loved one should be designed around dignity, compassionate treatment, and exceptional healthcare.

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Who Can Sue For Wrongful Death

The specifics of wrongful death regulations are different depending on what state the event occurred in, but there are generally a few types of people that can file a wrongful death suit when someone dies in a nursing home. This is because there are a range of people that could be harmed by the death and have an interest in getting compensation. While the following list isn’t complete, some of the people that may be entitled to pursuing compensation are:

  • Immediate family members: Immediate family members are able to file wrongful death suits in every state. This group included parents of an unmarried person, spouses, and children of the deceased.
  • Dependents: People who were dependent on the person financially are allowed to file wrongful death suits in some states. This includes life partners and people who were functionally married.
  • Distant family: In some states, more distant family like siblings, grandparents, and other relatives are allowed to pursue wrongful death suits
  • Those with financial interests: In a few states, anyone who suffers financial losses because of the death of a person can file a wrongful death suit

What Is Wrongful Death

A wrongful death case is a legal term that means a person has died because of the poor conduct of another agency or person. When applied to a nursing home, this means that one of the residents dies because of the failure of the nursing staff.

Wrongful death cases usually go hand-in-hand with other types of abuse that may have caused the death in question (like neglect or abuse). These are cases where the nursing home facility or staff contributed to the death of one of their residents.


Causes of Wrongful Death

There are a number of reasons that a wrongful death could have occurred, but most of them come down to negligence on the part of the nursing home facility. This is why wrongful death is usually filed in combination with another kind of nursing home malpractice. The death may have occurred as a result of intentional abuse or neglect as well as failures on the part of the staff or their training.

Unfortunately, many wrongful death incidents occur because nursing homes are understaffed and the people they hire are undertrained. Both of these situations happen because it saves these major medical facilities money.

When these nursing homes neglect their duty to care for their patients in the interest of profits, residents can die as a result. These residents and their families deserve justice and these facilities need to be held responsible.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

There are nursing home laws that exist to hold these facilities responsible when a wrongful death occurs. If you suspect a loved one has suffered a wrongful death, you want to consult an experienced nursing home lawyer to review all of your legal options as soon as possible.

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