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According to recent statistics, dog bite incidents result in $483 million in damages per year, with insurance policies paying out an average of $28,305 per incident. Children account for 37% of all victims being between the ages of five and nine. Pennsylvania law dictates that a severely injured victim can make a claim against the owner of the dog for medical expenses and other damages resulting from the dog bite if the victim did not provoke the dog. A dog bite can be a  traumatic experience, and when these incidents occur, time is of the essence and moving quickly is vital to getting the compensation you deserve. Our experienced attorneys will represent people of Pennsylvania who have suffered from a dog bite and work to ensure successfully pursuing your dog bite claim.


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What should you do after a dog bite?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, the first step should be to seek medical attention. Because of bacteria present in a dogs’ mouth, disease and illness may spread once the skin has been broken by an animal’s tooth or nail. Once the area is safe, The next step is to collect as much information as you can from any possible witnesses, as well as the dog owners name and information. Also, document the injury before treatment to serve as evidence, pictures or videos being the most transparent and clear in a court of law.

Because your injury may heal quickly, filing a police report and starting your dog bite lawsuit swiftly is important to avoids a statute of limitations being enacted, and may not allow you to file for damages at a later date.

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What Kind of Compensation is Available From a Dog Bite?

There are countless types of dog bite cases where the compensation can vary widely. One dog bite lawsuit over a small puncture wound may only yield payment for medical bills if there are no other complications. Whereas a severe injury may result in payments for loss of wages from missing work, future medical bills and plastic surgery if needed. Additional pain and suffering compensation and mental health treatments are also possible following a severe attack.

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When Can a Victim Actually Make a Claim Against a Person in Pennsylvania for a Dog Bite?

Pennsylvania law states that pet owners have a responsibility to care for their animals, as well as keep them safe for the public. if an individual has a legal right to be on the premise as a guest, courier, or in a similar capacity, the owner can be held liable for any damages or injury caused by the animal. Similarly, An owner also has a legal responsibility to keep their pet so that it cannot leave their property or wander freely without a leash, even if the animal has never shown signs of aggression before. in Pennsylvania the defendant must simply prove the ownership of the animal, and that the dog did indeed cause the injury, and that the dog was not provoked.


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