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Slip and falls are scary because they’re so sudden. One day a patient may be in good health, and the next they’re seriously injured, sometimes with life-threatening consequences. The team at Thistle Law has fought to win millions of dollars in settlements for families who suffered as a result of slip and falls at a nursing home.

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Your elderly loved one deserves respect and the highest level of care. Nursing home arrangements for your cherished parent or loved one should be designed around dignity, compassionate treatment, and exceptional healthcare.

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Nursing Home’s Liability for a Slip and Fall

Slip and falls are known to be a danger to the more vulnerable residents in nursing homes and should never happen. When they do, it’s often as a result of negligence on the part of the institution. When a nursing home accepts a resident, they’re also accepting a duty to provide reasonable care to them, to protect them, and to keep their environment safe. This is their “duty of care.” When they fail to meet this duty they are liable for the pain, suffering, and expenses that result.

It’s important to gauge whether or not a nursing home provided reasonable care when pursuing a personal injury case. For the nursing home to be liable, the staff or management at the facility must have failed to perform their duties or acted in a reckless or negligent way. This can often occur as a result of inattentiveness on the part of staff or poor training from the facility itself. They are liable for death or injury if an agent of the nursing home should’ve taken action to prevent the event from happening.

Liability isn’t always straight-forward. Some falls may seem like random accidents, but someone is often at fault. In the case of a slip, someone should’ve marked the spill with a sign, or cleaned the spill up. If the spill occurred because of a leak, then the facility should’ve had the leak repaired. Even if a frail patient simply falls, the facility may not have had the proper handrails installed or monitored the patient properly.

Injuries After a Slip and Fall

People living at nursing homes are often more frail and susceptible to injuries from falling. That means they’re vulnerable to a wide range of injuries from a fall including; broken bones, cuts, joint damage, and brain injury. 

To make matters worse, on top of being more prone to injury, the injuries themselves put their long term health at risk. Even something that seems small like a sprained ankle can take an elderly patient much longer to recover from. Their lessened mobility and the addition pain and hardship makes their future health outcomes much worse; where they were active and social before, they may now be bedridden. 

While seemingly small injuries can have large effects, the health effects of very serious injuries are immediate. Things like brain injury or a broken hip are life-threatening to an older patient, and are very difficult for them to recover from.


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Nursing Home liability laws exist to hold nursing home facilities responsible when negligence or medical errors occur. If you suspect a nursing home was responsible for injuries suffered by you or a loved one you want to consult an experienced nursing home lawyer to review all of your legal options as soon as possible. Our team at Thistle Law has handled hundreds of nursing home liability cases and has the expertise needed to navigate both federal and state laws to get you the compensation you deserve.

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