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An accident or collision with a large commercial trucking vehicle can be life-changing, both physically, legally, and financially. Commercial trucking vehicles are the giants of the road, usually weighing in-excess of 85,000 pounds, and often carrying hazardous cargo that can exacerbate an already life-changing accident or damage. What may constitute a moderate collision between two small passenger vehicles could spell severe injury - or death - for a truck accident. Because of this, it is imperative that you seek out proper legal advice.

Accident victims often do not know where to turn or begin when it comes to settling a legal suit regarding truck accidents. Luckily, Thistle Law maintains a team that is well-versed in the ins and outs of motor vehicle law and truck accident cases. If you’re seeking top-end expertise and care in your case, contact Thistle Law now 215-525-6824! Thistle Law has a unique history, and has won numerous liability cases.

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Accident and Collision Causes

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Negligence, carelessness, and distraction are the main causes of truck accidents. However, this is not always the case. Often times, responsibility befalls the commercial owner of the vehicle. Commercial trucking involves thousands of miles of wear-and-tear, and it is the responsibility of commercial owners to ensure that standards regarding wear, maintenance, and upkeep are met. By neglecting to take care of this, the risk of a mechanical malfunction greatly increases. Accidents caused by this negligence often involve litigation on the side of commercial owners.

Finally, there is the physical nature of commercial trucks - large loads, blind spots, noise, etc. can all factor into the cause of an accident.


Driver error is perhaps the most common cause of accidents. By the nature of the job, truck drivers are often subjected to long hours, extremely strict schedules, and associated factors like fatigue and distraction. Many of these realities create an incentive for truck drivers to speed, disobey traffic laws, and generally cut corners.

However, drive error can also be caused by human factors like falling asleep at the wheel, or zoning out. Often times, multiple vehicles may be involved, or may be a causal factor in collisions


How Thistle Law Can Help You

The differences between traditional motor vehicle accidents and truck accidents are myriad. Without a deeper understanding of motor vehicle law, it can be difficult to navigate and make sense of these differences.

Thistle Law will be by your side throughout this process and will offer various forms of assistance by:

  • Helping you to understand your legal rights, and guiding you through the legal process
  • Handling communications with commercial owners and their associated insurers.
  • Assistance with damage claims, so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Investigating the circumstances of an accident so that you are properly compensated and justice is fully served.
  • Drawing upon our knowledge and experience of the motor vehicle insurance industry in order to protect you from predatory insurers, low-ball settlements, and fine print.
  • Building a watertight case in order to get the most out of your settlement.
  • Taking your case to a court of law, and fighting for your right to be properly compensated.


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