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Medication error is a troublingly widespread form of nursing home neglect. It poses a huge problem for residents of nursing homes. When nursing homes fail to administer the proper types and doses of drugs that are supposed to treat a resident’s health problems, they can end up making their health outcomes much worse.

But these poor health outcomes and medication errors don’t just happen by accident, they are the result of staff neglecting to properly do their job due to several factors including a lack of training or attention as well as intentional understaffing.  If you or a loved one was injured by a nursing staff’s neglect you don’t have to just accept it as a mistake. You deserve compensation for the failures and neglect of the staff and facility.

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Your elderly loved one deserves respect and the highest level of care. Nursing home arrangements for your cherished parent or loved one should be designed around dignity, compassionate treatment, and exceptional healthcare.

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The Effect of Medication Abuse

Another startling trend in the nursing home industry is the improper administration of anti-psychotic drugs. This is a type of negligence and abuse that can also lead to poor medical outcomes as many of these drugs have powerful side-effects and can interact with other medicines the resident is already taking.

The practice is also a disturbing abuse of power. These are drugs that are meant to treat life-altering psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. However, they also often have a calming effect when taken and can even cause a person to be immobilized. So to take advantage of this calming effect nursing homes often give them improperly to residents they view as being disruptive. This is an outright failure, rather than due their duty to treat and care for struggling residents, they load them up with drugs and put their health at risk.

On top of the risk of interaction with other medicines, the cruelest part of this practice is that these medications can have the opposite of the intended effect, sometimes causing extra aggression and agitation.

What Is A Medication Error

Medication errors occur any time when there’s an event that leads to medication being provided improperly and the patient being harmed while the patient is under the control of health care provider or facility.

A common result of these failures is that the most vulnerable among us, the elderly and frail, are harmed by these medication errors. These errors could mean that the medication is given too late, too early, in excessive amounts, and together with a medication that produces adverse interactions or make the person’s medical condition worse.



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Nursing homes have a duty to take care of their patients and take reasonable care to make sure they are being given the proper medication. That means facilities must hire the right people, the right amount of people, and take the time to train them properly. Unfortunately, these needs are often not met because they cost money and these facilities are too often interested in their profits rather than their patients.

If you or a loved one have been injured because of a nursing home’s negligence you may be entitled to monetary damages. However, determining if an illness or death can be attributed to neglect or abuse requires a knowledgeable team and skilled investigation.

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