How Do You Prove Your Injuries from a SEPTA Accident?

If you were injured due to SEPTA’s negligence – whether it be in a bus accident, trolley accident, regional rail accident, or a trip and fall due to a property defect – beyond proving SEPTA was at fault you will also have to prove your injuries to have a claim against it.  Specifically, that the … Read more

The Unspoken Dangers of Bed Rails for Seniors

For many nursing home residents, bed rails can help prevent falling and assist their stability when leaving the bed.  However, some facilities use bed rails to restrict a resident’s movement, or use a type ill-suited to a resident’s situation. This can pave the way for bed rail entanglement or entrapment. These are rare injuries in … Read more

How Do You Know if Your Brain Is Bleeding After Hitting Your Head?

Any injury that results in bleeding occurring in the brain is a medical emergency. These time-sensitive and urgent crises must be resolved immediately, or serious and often catastrophic injuries can occur. Without prompt and proper treatment, bleeding in the brain can often be fatal. But of course, not every head injury results in a brain … Read more