Eight Most Common Eye Injuries and Their Causes

From car accidents and workplace injuries to medical malpractice and slip and falls, eye injuries are common among accident victims and victims of negligence. All parts of the human eye are incredibly delicate, so it stands to reason that eye injuries can be quite serious and even life-altering, especially in the most severe cases. Eye … Read more

Opioid Overdose Signs and Symptoms

In emergencies where an Opioid overdose occurs, it is essential that the people nearby are educated on how best to respond. In these cases, it can indeed mean the difference between life and death. America continues to be in the middle of a severe opioid crisis. As such, there is certainly no real shortage of … Read more

Can You Sue A Nursing Home For A Death From A Surgical Site Infection?

Nursing homes do not just serve as a permanent residency for elderly people who can no longer live on their own. They also serve as a temporary residency for anyone who cannot return directly home after undergoing surgery in a hospital. In these cases, the nursing home serves as a rehabilitation facility for people of … Read more

The Unspoken Dangers of Bed Rails for Seniors

For many nursing home residents, bed rails can help prevent falling and assist their stability when leaving the bed.  However, some facilities use bed rails to restrict a resident’s movement, or use a type ill-suited to a resident’s situation. This can pave the way for bed rail entanglement or entrapment. These are rare injuries in … Read more

Recovery From a D&C Hysteroscopy: Am I Bleeding Too Much?

A D&C procedure, short for dilation and curettage, is typically performed by an OBGYN to remove tissue from inside the uterus. A D&C can be performed for a variety of reasons, usually to diagnose and treat various conditions of the uterus. D&C procedures are often performed alongside the use of a hysteroscope. This thin instrument … Read more

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is an all too common condition, affecting 250,000 people every year. Appendicitis occurs in roughly 7% of people in the United States, with 1.1 cases per 1000 people reported annually. It’s fairly common knowledge that pain on the right side of your abdomen might mean trouble with the appendix, but there are many other … Read more

What Really Went Wrong at the New Jersey Andover Nursing Home

The state of New Jersey has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest per capita death rate in the nation due to COVID-19 within its long-term care facilities. As of May 2021, over 8,000 people have died in New Jersey long-term care facilities due to COVID-19. One of the facilities that has come under repeated … Read more