Do You Have A Claim For A Fall from A Faulty Stairway?

Falling down stairs can lead to devastating injuries. If your slip and fall injuries were caused by the negligence of another business, city, or person, you could have a slip and fall claim against that business or person.   What Are Example Of Stairway Negligence That Can Lead To Injuries? 1.) Defective Handrails One way … Read more

Advice From A Lawyer: Do You Have A Claim If You Injured In An Auto or Trucking Accident While Working?

  One of Pennsylvanias top lawyers, Daniel Thistle, weighs in on what to do if you get injured in an auto accident or truck accident while driving on the job. What Kind Of Workers Are Covered if Injured While Driving For Work? If you were injured in an auto accident while on the job you … Read more

Do You Have A Case For A Fall At A Convenience Store?

If you suffered injuries from a fall at a convenience store, you may have a slip and fall claim. As a shopper at a convenience store you will be considered what is known as a “business invitee” to that store.  This means the convenience store owes you, as its customer, an affirmative duty to protect … Read more

Have You Been Injured in An ATV Accident?

In a 2021 report, The Consumer Product Safety Commission cataloged nearly 527,000 emergency department-treated injuries associated with off-highway vehicles (OHVs) with more than two wheels over five years ending in 2020. This means that, on average, over 100,000 ATV-related injuries occur annually. For its report, the term OHV included Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs), Remotely Operated … Read more

Do You Need a License for a Scooter in PA and NJ?

Scooters have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation in recent years, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, navigating the legal requirements for operating a scooter can be confusing, especially when crossing state lines. This article will explore the electric scooter laws and licensing and registration regulations … Read more