Were You Discharged from the Hospital with an Untreated Fracture?

One of the basic elements of treating a patient at a hospital who has a suspected fracture is to order X-Rays and other imaging to rule out a fracture. Unfortunately, even if the radiologist interpreting the X-Ray notes it shows a fracture, patients are sometimes discharged from the hospital and told they do not have a fracture. If … Read more

Do You Have a Case for a Missed Calcaneus (Heel) Fracture?

above image of Calcaneus Fracture by Jojo shared via CC BY-SA 3.0 A fracture to your heel, or calcaneus bone, can be very painful and disabling. In some instances, mainly before displacement, it can be treated without surgery. However, if the fracture becomes displaced this can lead to the need for surgery. This surgery can include fusion … Read more