Ardmore PA Car Accident Lawyer

Ardmore is the beating heart of the Philadelphia Main Line Suburbs, located just 9 miles from Center City Philadelphia. A charming small town with lively urban vibes, Ardmore is a highly desirable place to live - and because it is part and parcel of the city of Philadelphia, also one of the worst places to drive in in America.

WalletHub has released a new study for 2022, reporting that Philadephia is the worst city to drive in in the entire United states, ranking at the very bottom out of 100 cities. If you were involved in a serious car accident in Ardmore PA, your first priority will be to seek medical attention for you and any other passengers in your vehicle. Next, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Ardmore PA car accident lawyer.


Worst Cities For Driving in 2022

In America, nearly 90% of our daily trips take place inside a car or other personal vehicle. This ends up equating to nearly 15 full days every year that each of us spend behind the wheel, or 360 hours on the road per year per person. 

It will come to no surprise to anyone who has been in or lived in or around Philadelphia that the city was recently ranked dead last in a nationwide report of best and worst cities to drive in. Philadelphia car accidents are common. Taking into account factors such as ownership costs, maintenance access, and safety, Philadelphia was ranked 100 out of 100 cities for worst cities to drive in. Located just 9 miles away from the center of the city, the suburb of Ardmore is unfortunately not immune to the dangers of big city driving.


What to Do If You Were Involved In a Car Accident in Ardmore PA

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident in Ardmore PA, you will first want to care for any injured parties and seek medical attention for severe car accident injuries. You will also want to:

  • Obtain a police report
  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Understand your medical benefits and coverage


Injuries From a Car Accident in Ardmore PA

Even minor car accidents can cause serious or severe injuries. In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, adrenaline can mask pain and discomfort that may present itself later down the line and cause serious medical issues for victims. Injuries commonly seen in car accidents in Ardmore PA include:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash typically shows up after a rear-end collision, as your neck gets thrown backwards from the impact before whipping forward. The muscles and tendons become stretched during this quick motion, and major damage can be done to the neck, back and spine as a result. 
  • Head Injury: When the vehicle you are in stops abruptly, your body will continue moving forward at the same speed it was going before impact. This only stops when your body comes into contact with something such as your seatbelt, an airbag, or windshield. This means your head can easily be flung at high speeds into something hard like the dashboard of your car, leading to head injuries like a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Broken Bones and Injured Limbs: Cuts, bruises, scrapes, fractures, and broken bones can all occur after any kind of car accident. 
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): While many people only consider the physical injuries from a car accident, it's important not to forget the devastating toll a bad car accident can have on a victim's mental health. Your emotional and mental health are also vital to maintaining a good quality of life, and any traumatic event like a car accident can leave victimes suffering from anxiety or even PTSD as a result of their car accident.


Contact an Experienced Ardmore PA Car Accident Lawyer

Any car accident has the potential to severely impact your quality of life and financial stability. The experienced Ardmore PA car accident lawyers at Thistle Law can help you stand up to the insurance companies, and will fight for your right to fair compensation after any serious accident. Our first consultation is always free of charge. Call us today at 215-568-6824, or fill out our contact form here