The Likelihood Of Being Injured In A Car Wreck

There are different factors on which your chances of getting injured in a car accident depend. Some of these include your age, location (urban or rural), the motor vehicle you travel by, weather and road conditions, miles you travel in a motor vehicle, and more.

In America, more than 32, 000 deaths occur in motor vehicle accidents. This is equal to the deaths of around 90 people per day. The U.S. government says that the rate of crash death is twice more than the average of other developed countries.

On average, two million people every year suffer from a car collision. The chances of getting into a car crash for every 1, 000 miles driven is one in 366. But, not everyone gets hurt in a car crash.


Statistics Regarding Injuries Treated in the Hospital Emergency Rooms

There is no reliable data that shows the number of individuals receiving minor injuries that they do not even need to take medical aid or visit the emergency room. We can predict the data based on national averages. On average, the cost of a car collision in emergency room visit is around $3, 300. The hospitalization cost for these injuries is around $57, 000.

For every fatality, eight people in a car crash receive inpatient treatment at the medical facility. Whereas, there can be 100 other people who receive treatment at the emergency room and then get released to go home.

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Accident Death Statistics

According to CDC reports, in 2019, approx. 37 559 Americans lost their lives due to car wreck accidents. The death rate per 100,000 people is 11.5. In America, the third most common cause of death is unintentional injuries. In the same year, the number of unintentional injury deaths was 173,040 in total. This makes 52.7 accidental injury mortality rate per 100,000 person population.


Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Statistics by Age

The government has compiled data on the top ten injury causes that require emergency room visits. These injuries are accidental, meaning unintentional and non-fatal. Infants and children up to age 4 are not on the top ten list of car crash injuries, However, children from age nine to five are number 7.

The calculations between the ages turned 14 are on number 5. People of age group 15 to 24 are on the number 3 in car collision cause of ER visits. The high on ranking are the people of age group 25 to 34. Rest on the list are

  • 35 and 40 years of age are on number 5
  • 45 and 64 are on number 6
  • 65 and older are on number 4

For all ages, on average, motor vehicle collisions are the third most common cause of visiting the emergency room for non-fatal injuries.

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