Do You Have A Nursing Home Case if Your Family Member Is Injured Falling Out Of Bed?

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of life and also occur in nursing homes where we place loved ones to be safe if they can no longer live or care for themselves. However they also serve as rehabilitation centers for everyday people recovering from major surgery. One of these unfortunate injuries that can occur is falling out of a bed.

Nursing homes will try to create a home atmosphere while providing medical care and the necessary equipment to ensure their patients’ safety. The nursing home staff are expected to develop a personal and friendly relationship with their residents, but uphold a level of care for their patients that will create a safe environment.

Do Nursing Homes Usually Have Methods To Make Sure Their Patients Aren’t Falling Out Of Bed?

Nursing home patients often have illnesses, injuries, or are coming of major surgery that may limit them physically such as dizziness, dementia, and weakness. Thus, the nursing home staff is expected to form a care plan for each patient based off these health issues and physical limitations. The nursing home will also supply the equipment necessary to prevent injury to its patients such as falling out of bed. Such equipment would include:

  • Alarms;
  • Safe height for beds and other furnishings in the room;
  • Placement of grab bars and railing; or
  • Cushioned surfaces such as pads around the bed.

Patients can fall from their bed for many reasons. Patients may be restless sleepers or medicated causing grogginess or disorientation. Patients may attempt to get out of the bed, even by climbing over the bedrails, but their mental and physical states are compromised due to the medication. A patient may lose their balance and fall going from a sitting position from the bed to a standing position.

What Kind Of Injuries Can Be A Sign That A Family Member Is Falling Out Of Bed?

Though a hospital bed is usually not very high off the ground, you can still sustain serious injuries from a fall, especially if you land at an awkward angle. Some common injuries in such falls include skull fractures, torn ligaments, damage to the shoulders, fractured sternums, facial fractures, broken noses, traumatic brain injuries, lacerations, subdural hematomas, and even death. You may also dislodge drips and feeding tubes, leading to further internal damage, especially if you were left unattended for some time and not noticed by nursing staff until much later.

A nursing home can be held liable for damages if it is found that the staff neglected to follow the proper procedures that the duty of care sets. The Thistle Law Firm is experienced at handling claims for nursing home negligence and neglect. If you or a loved one has been injured from falling out of a nursing home bed, call Daniel Thistle at the Thistle Law Firm are here to take your call at 215-525-6824.

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