What Are Typical Settlement Amounts For Various Types of Injuries?

If you think you may have a personal injury case due to an injury you or a loved one suffered, then one of the important things you may be wondering about is what you can expect to potentially win in a settlement. One of the ways in which a potential injury settlement is negotiated is based on the average settlements for those types of cases. 

At Thistle Law, we’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases. In order to give you a better understanding of what kinds of payouts you can expect, we’ll walk you through a few of the most common injury cases, and the average settlement sums for each of them.

Average Car Injury Settlements

It’s very important to have legal advice before you accept a car injury settlement because many internal injuries, like organ damage or soft tissue injuries like whiplash, aren’t immediately apparent and can take a great deal of time to become clear. You may accept a settlement that isn’t large enough to cover any new issues that pop up. Legal teams have extensive experience estimating potential damages and negotiating to get a fair settlement.

Car injury settlements need to cover all of the victims damages. To get a general idea of what you might be entitled to you should add all expenses related to your medical care, lost wages, and car repairs. Depending on your level of injury you may multiply that amount by three to get a rough estimate of a potential settlement amount. However, you may get more if you sustained permanent injuries or if the driver was driving under the influence. An average settlement for a moderate car accident is around $24,000.

Average Medical Malpractice Settlements

The vast majority of medical malpractice cases are settled out of court, over 90 percent. This is because court can be both time-consuming and expensive. The average settlements for medical malpractice cases are usually significantly higher than many other personal injury cases. The average settlement for a medical malpractice lawsuit is around $427,000.

Average Slip and Fall Settlement

The circumstances surrounding a slip and fall accident can greatly impact the amount you may receive in a settlement. If your injuries were moderate or your case can only be brought against a private individual you can expect the settlement sum to be on the lower end. However, if your injuries were severe and multiple parties were at fault, like a corporate entity or other large organization, then you can expect more. However, on average a slip and fall settlement sum is around $30,000.

Average Nursing Home Abuse Settlement

People who rely on nursing home staff to care for them are incredibly vulnerable. Unfortunately, this means that nursing home abuse cases can often be severe. On average, nursing home abuse settlements win around $400,000. While many cases receive less, some cases settle for millions.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one believe that you’ve suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence you should contact an experienced personal injury law firm. Only a knowledgeable attorney can work with you to get the most for your suffering.

The experts at Thistle Law have the decades of experience needed to navigate the complex liability rules that can limit payouts. We care for all of our clients with compassion and fight with tenacity to get them the compensation they deserve. Call (215) 525-6824 or use our contact page to start your free consultation today.

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