Philadelphia Hit and Run Car Accidents

A driver involved in a vehicle accident in Philadelphia is expected to stop and remain until he has completed his responsibilities. Even if no one is injured, drivers must disclose their names and addresses, as well as their license and registration. If a driver does not stop, he has committed a hit and run, often known as abandoning the scene of an accident. If anyone was hurt in the incident, the penalties for a hit and run increase. Even if you are not at blame for the accident, fleeing the scene may result in you being charged with a crime, and you may be held guilty due to the assumption that you would not have left if you were not at fault. As a result, you may have difficulties getting the compensation you are entitled to for your property loss and personal injuries.

If you were wounded as a consequence of someone else’s hit and run car accident in Philadelphia, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. Even if the driver cannot be identified, if you have the proper type of car insurance, you should be able to collect from them.


Laws Concerning Hit-and-Runs

If a driver is involved in an automobile collision, regardless of who is at fault, he must stop at the scene or as close to the scene as feasible. He is obligated to remain on the site, provide the necessary information, and assist anyone who is hurt.


What Information Do You Need To Provide?

Anyone involved in a car collision must disclose his name, address, and registration number. He is expected to comply with authorities to the greatest extent possible, which includes supplying the aforementioned information, as well as his driver’s license and insurance details.


You’re Not the Driver?

If the driver is unable to provide the relevant information because he is incapacitated, the passengers must call for help and identify themselves as well as the driver and/or owner of the car.


Leaving the Scene

If you are involved in a hit-and-run in Florida or Philadelphia, you will face serious penalties. If no one is hurt, the hit and run is considered a misdemeanor. However, if someone is gravely hurt, the offence is elevated to a third-degree felony. The minimum sentence is 90 days in prison and a $1,000 fine. If someone dies, the crime is a second-degree felony. The minimum sentence is three years in prison, and the minimum fine is $2,500. If the person who fled the scene was highly negligent in causing the accident, such as being drunk or under the influence, the penalties can be significantly increased.


After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Philadelphia, Contact an Attorney

Remember that if the car accident was not your fault, fleeing the scene might consider a hit and run penalty in Philadelphia. If someone you care about was injured or died in a car accident such as a hit and run, the driver who fled the scene may be held accountable and ordered to pay you compensation. For more information on vehicle accident cases, contact the Philadelphia Hit and Run Lawyers at the Thistle Law Firm, at 215-525-6824 today.


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