Do You Have a Case for a Car Accident in Montgomery County?

If you were involved in a serious accident in Montgomery County PA, your first priority will be to seek medical attention for you and any other passengers in your vehicle. In the aftermath of this kind of accident, the next step is to contact your car insurance company and get the ball rolling with your accident claim. Many people dread taking this step, knowing that they may have a long fight ahead with their own insurance company, as they make an effort to receive fair compensation for their losses

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You don’t have to fight this battle alone though. An experienced Montgomery County auto accident attorney can help you file a successful auto accident claim. The attorney’s at Thistle Law can help you to get your medical bills, repairs to your car, and damages for your pain and suffering, all covered. Below we detail some of the important steps you need to take to get these bills covered and successfully file your claim in Montgomery County. 

Obtain a Police Report

Obtaining a police report is a critical first step after any accident. This will include a DC number which you should keep for your reference. The report should help establish who was at fault in the accident, based on eye witness statements, and a statement from you and the driver of the other vehicle. Your attorney can help you obtain this report if you have any difficulty doing so.

If the police were not contacted after the accident, you can still try to prove the other driver was at fault through your own testimony, testimony of your passengers, or any other eyewitnesses to the accident. You should also take pictures of your vehicle from every angle to document the severity of damages. If you are medically unable to do this, request the assistance of a friend or family member as soon as you are able. 


Get Your Medical Benefits Coverage

You’ll need to reach out to your auto insurance carrier to get your medical benefits coverage. This will be called either PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or no-fault medical benefits coverage. This coverage will cover your medical bills up to the policy limit, regardless of whether or not you were at fault for the accident. Our skilled attorneys can help you fill out the forms that your insurance carrier provides if you have any questions or difficulties with them. 

Even if you were simply a passenger in someone else’s car, you should still contact your auto insurance carrier to get this coverage. If you do not have personal auto insurance, you should contact the auto insurance carrier for the driver of the vehicle you were a passenger in. If your bills end up being more than what the insurance covers, then you will receive a notification from the insurer, and your personal health insurance will cover the remainder of your bills. Your personal health insurance will also provide you with coverage if you were struck by a vehicle while walking as a pedestrian. 

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Full or Limited Tort

When you purchase insurance in Pennsylvania, you have the option of choosing full or limited tort coverage. If you choose full tort coverage, then you will have no limitations when bringing a Montgomery County car accident claim. With the limited tort option, you may not be able to get coverage for damages related to pain and suffering, unless you can prove that your injuries were life altering

Limited tort also has limitations regarding accidents with commercial vehicles or cars registered in states other than Pennsylvania. Our attorneys can explain the full restrictions of limited tort coverage to you when you call our office for your free consultation. 


Contact an Experienced Montgomery County Attorney

While these are just some of the first steps you will need to take to pursue a successful claim, the most important thing you can do after a car accident in Montgomery County is to contact a skilled Mongtomery County Attorney

The lawyers at Thistle Law can help you stand up to the insurance companies, and will fight for your right to fair compensation after a serious accident. Our first consultation is always free of charge. Call us today at 215-568-6824, or fill out our contact form here


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