Do I Have A Claim For My Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Injury?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a progressive nerve condition that causes debilitating pain. CRPS is a rare syndrome that usually affects one or more of the extremities but it can spread to other areas of the body as well.

There are two types of CRPS: Type 1, formerly known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy) and Type 2, formerly known as Causalgia. While both have the same or similar symptoms, the difference is Type 2 is more severe and involves a confirmed, major nerve injury.

What injuries can lead to developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Trauma is the usual cause of CRPS such as broken limbs, ligament or muscle tears, and even direct trauma to a nerve. This trauma occurs from the negligence of third parties such as in auto accidents, workplace injuries, slip and falls. However, it can also happen during medical procedures such as surgery, venipuncture and IV placement. In these cases, you could have a medical malpractice claim against the doctor, nurse, or other medical care providers whose treatment resulted in your complex regional pain disorder.

However, like many conditions, CRPS treatment is easier when doctors diagnose it early. The severity of the nerve pain will be less for patients who are diagnosed with CRPS timely and receive immediate treatment as opposed to those who are not diagnosed timely. Therefore, if your doctor failed to timely diagnose it, you may also have a medical malpractice case for failure to timely diagnose your CRPS.

If CRPS is diagnosed much later resulting in a delay of treatment, the progress of the disease may be irreversible. Thus, the longer treatment is delayed, the worse the outcome. This can cause a life-altering condition typically requiring tremendous amounts of future medical care and leading to injuries such as lost income from an inability to work.

What other symptoms or injuries can result from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Chronic pain is not the only damage that CRPS may cause. Due to the impairment of the affected extremity, there can be leaking from dilated blood vessels, atrophy of the muscles and bone structure. There can also be an emotional and psychological toll from the unrelenting pain that can cause many CRPS patients being prescribed with anti-depressants.

Although many of these injuries are not visible to an outsider. Evidence that will show the extent of your injuries will come not only from your own testimony but those of your family, co-workers, and friends that can depict what you were like both before and after the CRPS diagnosis. Your medical and prescription records both before and after the diagnosis will also help in showing the extent of your pain. Likewise, the severity of your CRPS can be proven if you have a long and consistent work history and now you can no longer work due to the severe pain.

If you believe that you or a family member was injured because they were not timely diagnosed with CRPS, The Thistle Law Firm is experienced in these claims and can help you understand your legal options and answer your questions at 215-525-6824.

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