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Personal Injury

Auto accidents, work accidents, slip and fall accidents, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death

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Medical Malpractice

Surgical or treatment errors, failures to diagnose, birth injuries and wrongful death

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Products Liability

Injuries or wrongful death sustained from a defective device, faulty product or defective drug

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“When I was at such a low point in my life with pain encompassing my body and unable to walk, I didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, my sister pointed me to The Thistle Firm. If it hadn’t been for the tenacity and professionalism of this firm, the truth would never have come to light. It was terrifying to go through depositions and go to court, but with the guidance and kindness of our brilliant lawyer, I was able to overcome my fear. I still have constant chronic pain and I still can’t walk, but thanks to the firm, I know how I ended up this way. Whenever I need help to this day … I call on The Thistle Firm.”  – Eileen

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We are Tom Thistle and Dan Thistle, Jr. We are experienced trial lawyers and our focus is on helping those who have suffered a serious or catastrophic injury through another’s fault or negligence. We take pride in obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients as we understand the harm that they suffered can seriously affect their lives and the lives of their family. Our own family has been practicing law for generations and we have a longstanding history of upholding our ideals of integrity and honesty, along with a deep respect for the people we serve. It is our goal to bring our experience, dedication and resources to your case and to represent you with the highest level of service.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to discussing your case. We appreciate your confidence in us and your referrals as well.

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Please use the form below to contact us.  We’re available any time to help you determine if you need an attorney or if you have a case.  We appreciate you getting in touch with us.

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